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Are You My Master? From Saber Dollfie Dream

I said, “Are you my Master?”  My name is Servant Saber Dollfie Dream and I am a heroic Dollfie Dream that has been summoned to the modern world to participate in the 4th Holy Grail War, very much like the story the Fate/Zero which is also being animated right now.  My Master has told me that the with the Holy Grail in our hands, we can create a world full of Dollfie Dream.  With the recent Type-Moon X Dollfie Dream project, our army of Saber Dollfie Dream almost doubled in size overnight~ Saber Alter ver 2 and Saber Nero from the Fate/EXTRA universe will also join force with me along with my sister DD Saber Lily to win in this Holy Grail War!

Sunset Photos With Saber Dollfie Dream